Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mascot Airport Security Fiasco

Where is Max the Axe?

The news last night said that the Security Cameras at Mascot were not compatible with the Police video equipment? What? Can that be true? Personally, I doubt it.

When the Howard and Ruddock team were running the Security scare in Australia, they were throwing around buckets of money to upgrade security. Where, especially? Australia's airports, first of all.

How come the Airport Security was apparently non-existent at Mascot when this apparent murder occurred there?

Apparently the fight had begun on a flight into Sydney. Isn't that an offence under strict security laws upgraded by Ruddock? Where were the "Flight wardens" who are supposedly flying covertly on airlines?

If the fight had started on the plane, then surely the entire Airport Security system, from the flight officers down to the ground security had the chance to alert people to the problem, long before the man was killed, apparently in the public concourse.

How come these people had had not triggered the metal detectors?

Do you remember the Schapelle Corby Drug case?
Remember how it was alleged that the baggage handlers had the power (ability) to control where the security cameras point?

Consider now the supposed links between Biker groups and drug sales.

Is it not more likely that the real reason the security camera are not able to be read by the Police is that the Security cameras were either not turned on, or were facing the wall, instead of scanning the concourse.

If so, then this incident clearly is much more than just a few thugs running around an airport, and killing the brother of a member of a Biker Gang.

As I said at the beginning, where is Max Moore-Wilton? He is still the chairman of the body which runs Mascot Airport. How can he so simply put up the shutters when an outrage occurs in his cabbage patch, and even the ABC has not knocked on his door? Is Macquarie Bank above the Law? Not as far as I know.

Where is Phillip Ruddock MP, who supposedly spent millions of dollars, following the Glasgow Airport incident, in upgrading security? I even agree with NSW Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan (for once) about this point. "It doesn't say much for the millions of dollars we have spent on airport security," Senator Heffernan said on ABC radio.

There are far more questions here than have even been hinted at yet, by the Press.