Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Death of Democracy - Indeed - but the Murderers were the ones who were disrupting Parliament

Today  - the protestors in Parliament were protesting the so-called "death of democracy".

But the Murderers of Democracy were the very people proclaiming the Death of Democracy -  themselves!
They were the ones who were disrupting Parliament.

Is that too harsh?

Just ask yourself, what would the Conservative side of politics and the Far Right supporters of the Nationals and Tony Abbot and the Climate-Change Deniers say if the Parliament had been disrupted by so-called "long-haired hippies", OR Lesbians and Gays protesting inaction on Gay Marriage, or any other Left Wing cause?

Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and other demagogues would probably be screaming "Shame, Shame, Shame", from their microphones.

But will they denounce these disruptive practices in the Media tonight and tomorrow? We shall hear, tomorrow morning.
  • Is that the sound of silence I hear?
I note the involvement of the previous "Convoy of No Confidence" organiser (which rally had the support of Alan Jones).

This is part of what The Australian's website tells us:
  • "About 80 protesters chanted 'democracy is dead' and 'no mandate'.
  • "They included Peter Madden, who helped organise the anti-carbon tax Convoy of No Confidence in August.There were two teams of protesters, seated on each side of the lower house chamber.They stood up one group at a time to disrupt Ms Gillard as she attempted to answer a question from a Liberal MP.
  • The protesters were escorted from the chamber by security guards but could still be heard as they left the public area."

My only comment to the protestors today - look in your own mirror!
You and only you distrupted the Parliament of Australia.

Comments authorised by Denis Wilson
Robertson NSW 2577

Enrolled voter in the electorate of Throsby.

I am posting a link to this page on Stephen Jones's Facebook page. He is the Member for Throsby.