Saturday, 22 June 2013

A three year tantrum befitting a two year old toddler

It is approximately three years since Julia Gillard became our first female Prime Minister (on 24 June 2010). The forces of political darkness in Australia have refused to accept the legitimacy of her Prime Ministership. Even when she went to the voters, and subsequently formed a Minority Government, these same people have variously complained, sworn and abused her, and refused to accept the legitimacy of her Government. This is palpably silly. The more so, because of the "runs on the board" - a history of successful legislation across a range of policy issues.

Today The Age has run an Editorial which takes this silliness to its logical conclusion. The Editorial calls on her to resign "for the Sake of the Nation"

I invite you to go to my friend and Blogging colleague Brigid's "The Network" for a more sensible view of this issue. In particular I draw your attention to the three linked blogs from other early morning comentators who were all equally outraged by The Age's Editorial stance.
I especially like this from Virginia Rollison: "It’s not Fairfax’s role to decide who our Prime Minister is. Fairfax should be telling us the news. Not trying to make it. And since they’ve failed at telling us the news for many years now, who the fuck do they think they are calling on the Prime Minister to resign as if it’s up to them decide?"

I sincerely hope that nothing comes of this Fairfax "Two-year-Old's Tantrum" equivalent.
Then, maybe, just maybe, Andrew Horner will have the decency to review his arrogant and deceiptful stance in this Video he has posted where he tries to convince us that the Age is a Left-leaning Newspaper and has supported Julia Gillard's Government.
On both counts this is delusional nonsense.