Sunday, 4 August 2013

Election has finally been called - for 7 September 2013

The Federal Election has finally been called - for 7 September 2013

My In Box has been filling up with a whole lot of stuff I don't need.

Firstly, let me deal with Stephen Jones MP - the current Member for Throsby.  An ALP member. I have met Stephen several times, and I found him likeable, and I thought, trustworthy,
However, he switched his support to Kevin Rudd and has stuck with the Krudster even through the worst examples of anti-Human Rights diatribes I have seen or heard in my adult lifetime (apart from Pauline Hanson's efforts).

I am appalled at the decision to refuse Asylum Seekers their legitimate rights to seek asylum in Australia. Instead under Rudd, we are dumping them in New Guinea and Nauru.

Today I received an email from my local member, Stephen Jones,

Here are three ways you might be able to help:
  1.     Join with me and join Australian Labor
  2.     Invite me to a meeting of your friends, at your workplace, or with your community group
  3.     Make a donation to my campaign
Here is my reply to him:

  • To Stephen Jones for Throsby
  • I am sorry, did you not receive my previous message re my total disenchantment with your support for Kevin Rudd, following his abandonment of basic human rights principles, regarding Asylum Seekers? This has blown away any hope of me supporting you, or Labor (generally).
  •  I shall be supporting Peter Moran, the Greens candidate for Throsby and Cate Faehrmann in the Senate.
  • I know I am not alone in shifting to the Greens.
  • Please delete my name from your email lists.
  • Denis Wilson

No doubt there will be lots more about other Candidates from other parties, such as Angry Anderson, who is standing for the Nationals. Having watched him on that dreadful "Go back to where you came from" program on ABC a few months ago, there is no way I want to be associated with him, in any way.

And there is a young woman who is standing for the Liberals.
I saw a bunch of blokes in bright blue Tee-shirts with her name plastered on the front, coming out of the Robbo Pub this afternoon. I doubt they would have had much joy campaigning in there, unless they "Shouted the Bar". Glad I was not in there, as I would have been hard pressed to be polite to them.