Saturday, 30 December 2006

Saddam has been executed.

The news services are full of it - the news that Saddam Hussein has been executed.

There is little doubt he was indeed a mass-murderer of people who opposed his view of the world.

But in that he is not Robertson Crusoe (as the phrase is). In other words he is not alone, in that charge.

I simply ask - how many innocent Iraqis have died since George W Bush decided to invade Iraq?

And let us not forget the spurious grounds on which the Invasion of Iraq was perpetrated. The reality is now more obvious than it seemed when John Howard signed Australia up to the "Coalition of the Willing".

The reality of this wart is that it is a war based on the theft of the resources of a previously independent and autonomous nation - Iraq.

Now the country has had its infrastructure destroyed. It is a far more dangerous place today than before Saddam was overthrown. The invasion might have been successful, but the occupation has been an unmitigated disaster - for all concerned (not the least, for the 2995 American soldiers) who have died in a pointless war (as at 230 December 2006).

The Americans have been meticulous in NOT COUNTING Iraqi casualties - "Why bother?". However, some people have been trying to keep tally. They estimate these deaths to have amounted to 52060 (minimum) or 57628 (maximum). I have no way of judging how accurate these body counts are - judge for yourself.

Whether or not George Bush is a war criminal - surely enough people have died? George W Bush ought pull out of Iraq.

John Howard should never have taken Australia into this evil, illegal and unjustified War.

He did not listen to the Australians who opposed the war.

He ignored those who prayed for him not to join the war.

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Howard's "Weasel Words" on Climate Change

John Howard has used "Weasel Words" to suggest that Climate Change is not responsible for this year's unseasonally early and severe bushfires.

"Mr Howard said there was not enough evidence to suggest climate change had caused extra bushfires in Australia. "I don't think anyone could ever prove that either way," he said. The Age 16 December 2006

This is a man who cannot admit that he was ever wrong (and still is) about anything - even the simple observation that Climate Change is real.

Wikipedia provides a useful reference to Weasel Words, by the way, with a lovely definition of the meaning: weasel words suck the meaning out of a statement while seeming to keep the idea intact.


Wake Up, John Howard. Sniff the air - it is full of smoke. At least, it is, everywhere except in Kirrabilli.

Climate Change is burning this country, right now. Admit you are wrong, and do something about the hard issues of Global Warming and fossil fuel consumption.

(There....... I didn't even mention the name "Kyoto".)

Friday, 15 December 2006

As Michelle asks - Is he a Ruddy Socialist?

Well, Michelle Grattan, in "The Age" asks a good question: "Is he a Ruddy Socialist"?
I would like to know what the heck he means by all this word playing.
In addition to my list of "socialisms" in yesterday's Blog (Democratic Socialism, Chardonnay, Volvo, etc), Michelle Grattan quotes Rudd, from some time back, claiming to be a Christian Socialist (in the tradition of Keir Hardie, the famous British Labour Leader from the early 1900s). At least that is an honourable tradition.
Fair enough, I say.
But lets stick with a definition, and stick with a principle. Whatever you believe in Kevin, stick with it.
Wear the badge of Socialism proudly - or don't wear it at all.

Thursday, 14 December 2006

What does the ALP believe in?

Well, as a first post, let us start with the big one.

Is the Labor Party a believer in Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Chardonnay Socialism, Volvo Socialism, or sweet F.A.?

Here is a link to The Age of this morning, which carries as a banner headline "Rudd rejects Socialism". Kevin Rudd's outpourings to a women's group last night have not been picked up at all by the ABC News services, for reasons which puzzle me. Just because Michelle Grattan of "The Age" got the story does not usually cause the ABC to ignore it.

Is it a true story? I would love to know.