Monday, 18 May 2009

Group Se*x incident(s)

I am appalled that so many people want to "get behind Matty Johns". I would have thought that six or eight or ten Rugby League players standing in line behind him to take their turn to have se*x with a young woman would have been enough?
Apparently not.

A Facebook Page has been opened, with a staggering number of people joining up. The Page says:
  • "Following the incident, the players involved told police that a group of them participated in sex with the teenager and that it was consensual.
  • "This may have been immoral but in no way was it illegal, and in reality he should only be accountable to his wife for his indiscretions. Matthew John's himself has come out following the revelations across many forms of media and has apologised and accepted the weight of his actions.
  • "We must remember that everybody is human and Channel 9’s seemingly snap reaction far outweighs the ‘crime’.
  • "We would like to invite you all to join us and get behind Matty Johns."
My questions are simple:
  1. The first is an ethical question: Does Johns not have to answer to himself, first and foremost? Has he no conscience, or no sense of common decency?
  2. The second is an aesthetic question - addressed to the nameless other players who stood in line (some apparently amused themselves by masturbating while waiting their turn). And my question is this? What is the attraction in standing in a queue, to be the second, third, fourth, or fifth or sixth or seventh or eighth, or ninth or tenth or eleventh guy to add your sperm to that primordial soup of ejaculant inside the body of that young woman?
The encounter cannot have been a meaningful encounter for any of these people, surely? It is likely that there was no "response" from the young woman's body to the numerous later "players" in the "Ga*ng Ba*ng". They may as well have been been playing with a rubber doll. And that would have been far preferable from the point of view of avoiding emotional harm to the woman they were having se*x with.

Above all, this reveals a grubby, mindless approach to the act of coition, which I for one think is demeaning to all concerned.
No wonder they don't want to come forward and be named.

And, by the way, the only male bonding going on here is that of cowardice - hiding behind that old mantra of "What happens on tour stays on tour".


The Cronulla Club Board ought all stand down, if they do not vow, publicly to promote a code of ethics for their players, which brings an end to such gross behaviour.