Monday, 2 April 2007

Didn't you know? Hicks was trying to "destroy our civilisation".

Guantanamo Bay "inmate"
One leading Liberal is blaming the Hicks team for the "timing" of the plea bargain.

They may as well blame him for trying to destabilise the Government for the last 5 years, by limping round in shackles and an orange jump suit, just to look good on Television, and to attract sympathy.

He is even accused here of trying to "destroy our civilization".

If you don't believe me? Read it here:

According to "The Age" website: "Mr Turnbull said he had been wondering for some time what the motivations were behind stalling a plea deal.
"As a lawyer the thing that I find interesting is that Hicks' lawyers did not seek to get a deal done a lot earlier," Mr Turnbull told ABC radio today.

"I mean David Hicks on a substantive test, on a factual test, was always guilty - he was caught red-handed," he said.

"Whether he was a foot soldier or more important than that nonetheless he was definitely working with the terrorists, he was seeking to destroy our civilisation."

"Given those circumstances, I've always wondered whether his failure to get a deal done and the apparent lack of interest to get a deal done, I've often wondered what their motivations were there."


Mr Turnbull: I must ask you: Hicks was always guilty of what, exactly?
Under which set of laws, Mr Turnbull?
Australian laws? I don't think so - otherwise we could have charged him here, which we all know we cannot do.
American "made-up charges", which are not real laws on the US Statute Books?

How could he have been always guilty of laws invented after his capture, and incarceration?

As suggested (see their courtroom sketch above) Hicks was guilty "by incarceration".


Mr Turnbull, you said it, so please explain!

Oh, and by the way, under which of your portfolio responsibilities are you commenting - Is it as Minister for the Environment or Minister for Water Resources? Surely you are not commenting on matters outside your portfolio responsibilities?

Or are you speaking, from jealousy, that John Howard, Alex Downer and Phillip Ruddock are getting all the headlines on this story? Surely not???

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