Sunday, 3 June 2007

Global Warming and carbon trading

John Howard, poor guy has been a denier of global warming all along through his 11 year reign in Australia.
Last week he suddenly announced that he was a "believer". and that a policy would be introduced (after the next election) to introduce a form of Carbon Trading, sometime after 2012. Well why would that be?
Perhaps it can be explained by the fact that George W. Bush was scheduled to make a remarkably similar announcement, from Washington, just a few hours later. And, remarkably, that statement was intended to be a policy to bind China, India and Australia - the other high rating countries on the Carbon emitting scale, which had not ratified the Kyoto Protocol.
So, Howard simply had no choice. He had to act, or get steam-rollered by his mate, George Dubya.
At least Dubya tipped off his little mate, or the latter would have looked even more stupid than he currently does.
By the way, the 2012 date comes from George's policy, and it is related to the expiry of the Kyoto Protocol, to which neither Australia, nor the USA are fully ratified participants. Where it the logic in that?
Ring,,,,, Ring.......
Hello? It's the middle of the night.
Who is it?


G.W.B: "I'm going to announce that we
will have a Carbon Trading Scheme, next week".

J.W.H.: Next week?

G.W.B.: Next week?
Not next week, 2012 - pay attention!

J.W.H.: Sorry, Mr President. What that about 2012?

G.W.B.: "O
h, we will wait until this Kyoto Protocol thing,
which we do not follow,
before our new policy becomes effective."

Get it?

J.W.H.: Nope!
I've always said Global Warming was rubbish, and
Carbon Trading was bad for the economy.

G.W.B: It doesn't matter if you don't get it.
I need to do something,
to distract the detractors.

J.W.H.: Whaaa?

G.W.B.: I need something to take to the
G8 in Germany next week,
to look like I'm doing something.
Don't worry.
2012 is a long time away,

and we will all be out of office by then anyway.

J.W.H.: If you say so, George. Then that's all right then."

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