Monday, 26 May 2008

The Secret? Visit New Zealand and see the world clearly.

Paul Lennon, Premier of Tasmania (until today) has seen the end of the world clearly, and jumped.
"I'm not driven by popularity and polling, I'm not driven by a desire to be loved by people. What drives me in public life is a determination to make those sometimes tough and unpopular decisions that are necessary to provide a better future for Tasmania.
"I haven't reached that point yet where I believe it's necessary for me to stand aside."
Mr Lennon returned on Friday from a four-day visit to New Zealand discussing climate change issues, having left Mr Bartlett in the role of Acting Premier in his absence."
(Source: Hobart Mercury - Sunday 25 May),22884,23754000-921,00.html?source=cmailer

Astute readers will know that Mr Lennon's resolve lasted less than 24 hours, and he has since announced his resignation.

The Question is can NSW arrange for Morris Iemma to visit New Zealand and look into the abyss of political oblivion?

The sooner the better.

Iemma and his Treasurer Michael Costa have been similarly dogged, determined and "hairy chested" (as Lennon was) over the Great Electricity Sale, and other issues. Costa's famous reaction to the Labor Party's opposition to the NSW (Labor) Government's sell-off proposal: "I just don't care" is a quote worthy of Mr Lennon (yesterday) - but not today.

The ABC news has just reported that Mr Lennon's successor is about to be sworn in, (3:00pm AEST 26 May 2008).

Oh, would that Mr Iemma should take the same exit.
The sooner the better.
Oh, by the way, take Ministers Costa, Sartor, Della Bosca, Tripodi and Hatzistergos with you, pls Morris.

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