Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Re: Its Now or Never - for water as a human right.

The opportunity to comment on water as part of a Bill of Rights in Australia will CLOSE NEXT WEEK. (15 June).
The "World Water Forum" sounds wonderful, but it is of course, the collective of all the leading multinational food groups and water pumpers (water thieves). They advocate "Full Cost Recovery". It is a mantra which they repeat at every opportunity, and conservative, neo-liberal Governments (including the Rudd Government) love to talk in those terms.
By contrast, the Global Water Justice Movement has a very different view. One which is closer to my heart:
"The global water justice movement advocates for community-led solutions to the water crisis. We uphold water as the basic element of all life on the planet and as a fundamental and inalienable human right."
To find out what Australians can do to rectify the situation see Brigid's post on the Human Rights Consultation.
It may be the only opportunity we have in our lifetimes to make the case for water as a Human Right. The Government may well ignore our views, but I for one, could not live with myself if I did not try.
Individuals are able to make even very simple submissions - it need not be a very long, submission in "legalese".
Just the words: "I want to have my right to water recognised in a Bill of Rights" would qualify as a legitimate submission.
Go to this site to find out more:
You can make an on-line submission (limit 20,000 characters) or attach a more detailed submission. There is a phone line for inquiries listed on that site.
In the on-line form there is a list of suggested topics to click about what your submission is about.
You need to click the bottom one "Other" and insert the words "Right to Water".
Denis Wilson

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