Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Chaser Boys detained to protect the PM from "disturbance"

Chaser team detained prior to the Liberal Party launch, in Brisbane yesterday.
According to Crikey.com.au the Queensland police spokesperson said:
"there were cordons in place" and the Chasers were approached because they "looked suspicious, wearing a fake wig and moustache.". The ''men'' -- Queensland Police did not wish to confirm their identity because charges weren't laid -- were "searched, spoken to by detectives and released.
Did you get that?
The offence was wearing fake wigs and moustache, thus looking "suspicious".
What has happened to Australia's freedom of speech?
In fact, what has happened with our personal security?
We know that the country is in serious trouble with Izhar Ul-Haque having been harassed, detained, or possible even kidnapped "illegally" by ASIO operatives. In fact, according to Crikey.com.au today, 20 or so ASIO operatives, plus 4 or 5 AFP officers (all in plain clothes) apparently turned the "suspect's" home upside down. All this happened (secretly) back in late 2003, but thanks to NSW Supreme Court Judge, Michael Adams, we now know of this abuse of process (and abuse of yet another innocent person, who happens to be (A) Muslim, and (B) a medical student. Sound familiar, Dr Haneef? Is there a pattern here?
Better for him than what the idiots from Immigration did with the Vietnamese "illegal immigrant" who it turns out was not illegal at all.
He was detained for five years, despite having a legal visa, since 1993. His family was separated, and he was denied access to this son (a situation which has since been rectified).
The Government of Shame has not had a good week. Not that it deserves a good week.

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Yurii said...


However, no one can rectify the separation of parent and his child for five years. That time is lost forever.

No one can give back the five years spent in various Gulag “detention camps”!

Boris Yemma is now introducing an extended version of wider police powers. Good to be living in Soviet Union. We now have our own gulags; Secret Police; search and arrest without warrant; detention without explanation; detention for looking suspicious.

Heil! Komaraden