Saturday, 17 November 2007

Generation Rudd.

The Australian has a story which includes these sentiments:

  • "KEVIN Rudd maintains a staggering primary-vote lead of 750,000 among voters aged 18-34, and this group alone could deliver power to Labor next Saturday.
  • "The Coalition has 17 seats in the youth belt with margins of less than 7 per cent. Another eight seats not normally considered marginal are also in play because they carry above-average concentrations of younger voters."
Lets hope that the kids of Australia do see things as clearly as this poll suggests. Australia needs the kids to vote for the Labor Party, or the Greens, and to vote in a way that counts (ie a formal vote). Its not enough to just turn up and make a scratch on a ticket.

Make your vote count.
  • How to complete the ballot paper
  • To vote for a Member of the House of Representatives, an elector is required to write the number ‘1’ in the box next to the candidate who is their first choice, and the numbers ‘2’, ‘3’ and so on against all the other candidates, in order of the elector’s preference.
  • Ballot papers which are not marked according to the rules for voting are called informal votes. Ballot papers cannot be counted if they are informal.
Control of the Senate may well be as important as the result in the House of Representatives. In my opinion, I think it is worthwhile voting for the Environment. For myself, I will be voting for the Climate Change Coalition. Many people I know will be voting for the Greens. I agree with either of those suggestions.

The Liberal/National/Family First control of the Senate is a strangle-hold on our democratic rights.

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