Saturday, 1 December 2007

Another one bites the dust.

According to the ABC Radio News on Friday evening, the National Party Leader in the Senate, Ron Boswell has announced he will also step down. Actually, he has been dumped by his State Executive (Nationals, Queensland)

The reason? He was apparently too close the Liberals (indeed he was).

It also means that Barnaby Joyce might be promoted. He says so, anyway.
  • "Senator Joyce says he is hoping to be promoted.
    "That is for my colleagues to decide and I look forward to their support if I can get it," he said.
    "I am certainly standing for Senate leader, I make no qualms about that."
  • (source: ABC News - Brisbane Regional bulletin).
As the caption says: Another one bites the dust.
The shock-waves of the election results keep on rolling along.

By the way, Costello said today that the Liberal Party missed the chance to present a fresh face (his, of course). He also said what we all knew he would say, sooner of later. He is not going to serve out the full term. What a shock?

The most interesting statement is by Senator Judith Troeth.
Apparently she has been a Senator for Victoria since 1993. Amazing how some people can have been around that long, but not ever be heard from. Anyway, I digress. The ABC's News site reports:
  • "Meanwhile, senior Liberal Senator Judith Troeth has accused several colleagues of hijacking the party in a failed effort to make Mr Costello the next prime minister.
  • "Senator Troeth has served as a Victorian Senator since 1993.
  • "She has told the ABC's Stateline program that a small group in Victoria over the past decade ensured candidates were preselected because they supported Mr Costello's bid for the Lodge.
  • "She says it lead to the Coalition's downfall at the recent election."
It just keeps on getting "interestinger and interestinger"


Miss Eagle said...

Leave Judith Troeth alone. She has been one of the leaders in the great things done in concert by the women of all parties - like the report on the forced adoptions of babies of single mothers. True, I can't tell you anything else Judith Troeth has done - but I think the work the women have done together has been great and has been a pacesetter. I hope it continues with the new government.

Blessings and bliss

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Miss Eagle

Glad Senator Troeth has done something. I take your word for that point. I just have not heard of her myself.
There are a number of Labor Senators about whom the same comment could also be made.