Saturday, 19 July 2008

Vale, Vile Mark Vaile

Vale to the vile and valueless Mark Vaile MP, (former) Minister for Trade who delivered Australia into the waiting arms of American corporations. He has today declared that he will resign from the seat of Lyne, in NSW.When working on the campaign to oppose the pumping of the Kangaloon Aquifer, I have realised that there are no less than 4 multinational companies who have been swarming around this project, like blowflies around a road-killed Wombat. Why? It is a tiny borefield.

The answer is,. because Mark Vaile made it possible for them to do so.
Water is included in the Australia:America Free Trade Agreement.

Veolia/Vivendi already have their hooks into the Desal Plant in Sydney.
Parsons Brinkerhoff, have their own man positioned within the Sydney Catchment Authority, where he has had principal carriage of this proposal.
Coffey International did the early modelling for the proposed borefield.
URS have done the drilling log reading, and measured all the bores and springs of the local farmers.
And KBR have suddenly appeared at the end of the proposal, and put to together the Environment Assessment which has been submitted to Frank Sartor for approval.

The three largest of these companies could buy and sell the entire economy of NSW. And that is not to mention the generous donations to Party Funds which have already been made by some of them.

This is Kangaloon - a tiny district in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.
And here we are, a tiny local lobby group, up against companies which by and sell countries (and if they don't like you, they will run a little war against you!
That is the contribution to Australian life delivered by one Mark Vaile MP.
Good riddance to him.

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