Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fw: Open Letter to the NSW Premier, Ms Keneally.

The following is the text of a letter I sent on 6 January 2010 to Premier Keneally regarding the need to abandon the Tillegra Dam proposal.

Denis Wilson

Dear Premier Keneally

I wish to encourage you to take the opportunity to distance yourself from the murky past of the Labor Party in NSW, particularly in the Hunter Valley.

I refer of course to the well known fact that the announcement of the Tillegra Dam, on the Williams River - a major tributary of the Hunter River, was announced as a distraction from the sordid troubles of the former NSW Minister Milton Orkopolous. Nathan Rees, Water Minister at the time, had been his senior staff member, after all. The announcement had the stench of a "political fix" from the word go.

If you wish to show your integrity, please stand up and make us all proud of you.

Distance yourself from the scandals of the past.

Abandon the nonsense of the proposed Tillegra Dam.

The NSW Auditor General has now publicly called for Hunter Water to produce a "sound business case" for the Tillegra Dam. How can it have got this far without such a "sound business case"?

You are the Premier.

Surely you need to be satisfied that the Dam is warranted - both economically and environmentally.
It is simply not necessary.

Hunter Water has exaggerated the "case for" the Dam in their carefully commissioned Environment Assessment Report which is fundamentally biased in favour of the dam, and does not give due consideration to the "down side" of the issues. The EAR is not an independent document - it is the result of selective use of statistics and analysis, to tell the case which the commissioning Agency (Hunter Water) wanted to tell the Government.

The reduction in flow of the Williams River which would result from building of the proposed Tillegra Dam would threaten important Ramsar listed wetlands in the lower Hunter River. The proposed Tillegra Dam would damage the environment.

Yours sincerely

Denis Wilson
Save Water Alliance
Missingham Pde

Postal address:
PO Box 3158
Robertson NSW 2577

Enrolled voter in the NSW electorate of Kiama.

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