Saturday, 9 January 2010

When are the attacks on Indians going to be called for what they are?

The Victorian Police object to being called "racists".
I simply ask, when are they going to start acknowledging that attacks on Indians in Melbourne are something other than "random acts of violence"?
That commentary was sparked after the killing of an Indian worker living in Melbourne. He was not robbed - just stabbed.

The cartoon appeared in the 5 January
edition of Delhi's "Mail Today".

The diplomatic spin has become a whirlwind.
  • "Acting Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that Mail Today’s cartoon and its Ku Klux Klan reference are unacceptable and “deeply offensive.”
  • "Bharat Bhushan, editor of the Mail Today newspaper, stood up for the cartoon, saying ”We perceive the Melbourne police to be a racist organization simply because it seems it is not acting fast enough, or seriously enough, on the attacks on Indian students.”
  • "Mr Bhushan also argued that Indians were overrepresented in crime statistics – with Indian students making up only 1 out of a 1000 living in Melbourne but accounting for 1 in every 20 attacks."
  • Source: Des Pardes 8 January 2010
Read this article in "The Age" by Sam Varghese, a subeditor with "The Age online". He knows of what he speaks - he is an Indian.

And today the ABC news reports that yet again another attack on an Indian has been deemed a "non-racial attack". Are the Victorian Police living in dreamland?

This represents a trend in policing to "politicise" the reporting of crime - by attempting to "de-politicise it". In other words, the statements by the Police have become "spin", lies, and twisted truths. Who are they protecting, by twisting the truth? Themselves, or the Victorian Government?

Whoever they are trying to protect, they are not protecting the Indian residents of Melbourne - at least not adequately.

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Sudhir Raja said...

Oh cmon !!! Its not all racist. there's some bit of Indian there too. Some of us just don't know courtesy, good manners and dont have a crumb of civic sense in us. So its also a case of we living as we do in India. Well, wake up matey, its not India anymore, get with the Australians, and do as they do. Maybe the volume of attacks might become less. We have a lot to learn, no matter what.