Thursday, 24 June 2010

Our Prime Minister is not a "Sheila" and not a "Ranga"

Our new Prime Minister is a person, and a female person - to boot.
She ought not be characterised as a "sheila" and not as a "ranga".

I will leave my original post there (below), so you can see how easily the average Aussie bloke can slip into silly errors.
It was not meant to be offensive, and I apologise that it was.


Brigid said...

Sorry, Denis. I have only been made aware in recent weeks of the extent of the ginga and ranga thing.

In fact, I think what started it off was that I was watching an English crime show where this became a central feature of a serial murderer. Some of this I can't write but let's just say there were websites to go to featuring redheads and some discussed whether they were real or bottle redheads - and being male one can guess how they authenticated the redheads. The murderer killed the authentic redheads and the others he just left them nearly dead when he found out that they were not true redheads.

I discussed this with Herself, my six foot tall redheaded daughter, and she explained it all to me, the discrimination and everything. And then shortly after that, I heard about the NZ complaint.

As I say, all this was news to me. I might have picked up from childhood on the fact that I was a bit different but the bullying and teasing and distress I had never heard of.

I am not an awfully politically correct person but when I see beautiful little red haired boys and girls out with their parents it pains me to think of what they might experience later on in the schoolyard with all this nonsense circulating.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Brigid for the backgrounding.
At least you know there was no malice intended.
But I have added "racism" as a key word, for this posting, as Timana Tahu might not accept such weak excuses as mine to justify what he has had to put up with recently.