Friday, 13 August 2010

Dear Julia = Please consider the Environment.

I have sent a message to Julia Gillard, via a message system organised by the Wilderness Society
Hi Julia
Please take  a moment to consider the environment.
Coal mining is destroying NSW and Queensland (Darling Downs and all the way up to Bowen Basin), and Coal Seam Gas is likely to be as dangerous.
Many Labor voters are concerned about the Environment.
If you don't include a message (and a policy) for us, we will be forced in to the waiting arms of the Greens. You don't want that to happen.
Do not just listen to the Back room boys.
They are out of touch with the real voters.

Australia needs you to show national leadership on the environment

As Australia's most influential politicians, you personally have a critical role to play in securing and sustaining our nation's wild places and natural resources.

I am therefore looking to you for leadership on the challenges threatening Australia's environment and our future.

I urge you to demonstrate that you understand the problems we face by:

  • Protecting the forests of Southern Australia
  • Safeguarding our marine environments
  • Caring for the future of Northern Australia's lands and waters
  • Managing rivers and water
  • Developing Indigenous Conservation opportunities
  • Securing and managing nature's carbon stores - the savannahs, woodlands and forests
  • Stopping new uranium mines and phasing out existing uranium mines

I am looking for national leaders that won't go missing in action when it comes to these and other important National Environment Policies.

Our environment is our future, and the party that offers the best policies and leadership will gain my support.

I will stand up for the environment this election.

Yours sincerely,

Denis Wilson

Electorate of Throsby


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