Monday, 5 March 2007

The Ghost of WA Inc.

The ghostly figure at the centre of the WA Inc scandal from years ago has re-emerged at the centre of yet another scandal, supposedly to do with currying favour on behalf of clients.
Now the Schoolboy has been caught out sharing the Ghost's play-lunch, it seems.

It is a terrible mess, and of course, there is probably nothing to it (on a true ethical or moral basis). But the Little Headmaster is wanting to beat the Schoolboy's trousers. Unfortunately for him, the first person to get in the way of the Headmaster's wildly swinging cane was Senator Soup-Can (one of the Headmaster's own team).

It might look tough justice for Senator Soup-Can. However, I would favour the view that it is the very least he deserves for his failure to protect the Barrup Peninsula and the ancient Aboriginal Rock Art (petroglyphs) from the Woodside company's Natural Gas operation. I figure it is a kind of political karma, for the Soup-Can man.

Interestingly, the "holier than thou" tones being propagated out of the hauty noses of Abbot and Costello might cause embarrassment to numerous business leaders, with interests in WA (and who of them doesn't?). It is apparent that if anyone in business wanted to succeed in WA, they first hired Brian and Julian, to smoothe their path. And that means we are talking about the largest merchant bankers, and mining companies in the land. Careful, Pete. Don't let your enthusiasm for "fagging the new Schoolboy" find yourself causing embarrassment to your own partisan bank-rollers. It's just not done, Peter. Ask Ron, and some of his mates, for some advice, before you make more of a fool of yourself than normal.

If you are interested in more on the current harrumphing of politicians and media pundits, go to " The Road to Surfdom".

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