Friday, 9 March 2007

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Where do I start?
  1. Kelvin Thompson's stupid lapse?
  2. Kevin Rudd's appointment of Young Ludwig as Shadow Attorney General? (a "courageous decision" in the terms of "Yes, Minister" methinks).
  3. Shelley Archer, in WA, getting caught up in the CCC investigations over there - lets blame everyone else but ourselves, eh, Shelley?
  4. Dr Heather Beattie, (Peter's wife, apparently an academic specialist in Nursing issues) about to be drafted for Lord Mayor of Brisbane. What? I can just hear the screams of anguish over that one. It didn't help Nick Greiner's Premiership, having his wife on the Sydney Council. Heather may well be a thoroughly well qualified candidate, but...
  5. Morrie Iemma's announcement of a pipeline from the Wingecarribee Reservoir (between Robertson and Moss Vale) to Goulburn. This idea was kicked around back in 2005, but nothing has happened since. Great - a mere $40 million, for a pipeline, which is supposed to be able to be constructed in 12 months. What a joke! Try 3 years, if it would take a day. The people of Sutton Forest, etc will resist this pipeline going through their Horse Studs and vineyards. But, hey, Morrie don't care about them, as there's not a single Labor Vote to be lost from there. I am not against giving the people of Goulburn a helping hand, but what happened to John Howard's announcement of a pipeline from the Googong Reservoir to Goulburn? That idea was floated just a few weeks ago. This Canberra Times report of November 2006, says coyly that Mr Iemma was "unaware" of the proposal. Cute. That's Morrie, at his best.
  6. Of course, the water from the Wingecarribee Reservoir is primarily Shoalhaven Water transferred (stolen) by the SCA, anyway. So, having been stolen by Sydney, what's to prevent Morrie giving it away to Goulburn. After all they have an independent candidate there, who was Mayor of Goulburn until a week ago. Not that I am suggesting there is any political component to this idea!
  7. And today we learnt of rumours that two coal mining groups are seriously investigating extending coal mining under the Southern Highlands. One from Sutton Forest through Moss Vale towards the catchment area. That might take them under the Wingecarribee Reservoir, and would definitely require it going under the Wingecarribee River. This is a longwall mining proposal. Subsidence issues abound. The second one is of an Indian Mining company talking about mining under the kanaloon Aquifer area itself. Terrific. There's every likelihood that subsidence will destroy the Nepean and Avon Rivers, if that goes ahead.
What a day of bad news!

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