Monday, 19 July 2010

The real Election we ought have had.

The Liberal Party has lost its best chance of returning to Government.

If it had not rejected Malcolm Turnbull, when it did, what a head-to-head contest we might have had.
Gillard Versus Turnbull?
That would have been a genuine choice
Whatever one might think of Mr Turnbull, his credibility on Climate Change is far greater than Tony Abbott's or Julia Gillard's.

Strange to think that all of those of us who believe that "Climate Change" and in particular, carbon emissions, ought be serious issues in this election, have no serious candidate to consider in this Election.

If the Liberals were to abandon Tony Abbott immediately and select Malcolm Turnbull (yes I know it will not happen with a 5 week campaign already underway) but what an election choice we might have had.

Having been raised in Melbourne, under the shadow of Dr Mannix, and B A Santamaria, his right-hand man, I could not possibly vote to return to those dark days.
So, what is my genuine political option, this election?
To me, my choice appears to be between a
"Union Hack" and a clone of B.A. Santamaria.

Such appalling poverty of choice is a dreadful indictment of the state of Politics in Australia.

The Australian Body Politic is once again seriously ill.

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Denis Wilson said...

I have received a comment which would not appear as a published comment for some strange reason - my choice was to allow it to be posted.
Yes Denis, I too face a voting conundrum.
To re elect the party I see as having kissed the butt of corporate interests over the people, or a party that seems to be disjointed and without direction. :(
DBS Young.

My response is: "Thanks David.
My trouble is, which party is which in your clever description?"