Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Blog closed and deleted

I had a Blog which ran for more than a year and a half, which most recently carried the name "Rudd for PM - Beazley for GG (maybe)". It started out as "When will Kim Beazley resign?"

The "maybe" was added some time ago, after it became Kim Beazley was partaking in an early retirement from public office, (while still on the public payroll).

Well, tonight I have taken down that entire Blog - as I am afraid I no longer believe in where Kevin 07 is taking the Labor Party.

The latest proposal for watering down of the Labor Party's IR proposals is the last straw.

See what Miss Eagle thinks - on her Blog (today). Miss Eagle is an experienced industrial representative (former union official). She knows how this stuff works, in the real world (or doesn't work). If she is calling for changes to policy, its because she is aware that what is proposed is just rubbish policy.
Australia needs the Labor Party to stand up for what it is meant to believe in.

Gutless is as Gutless does.

Peter Garrett was whining hopelessly a few days ago, saying, in effect, when will people realise that I am a member of the Labor Party, and am following its policies? Leave me alone - I am no longer a rock singer. What he should have said was "I am no longer a political activist". I'll leave you alone, Peter. As Joh Bjelke-Petersen used say: "Don't you worry about that!"

Its "Sell-out City" at Labor Party HQ, these days.

My response is to cancel and delete that old Blog (which I had not added to since about February or March - such was my lack of enthusiasm for "the Rudd Cause"). But now I have gone the whole hog, and deleted it entirely - because having the title up on my side bar was becoming an embarrassment. I no longer believe in that cause - because Kevin 07 appears not to believe in the Labor Party's heritage and traditions.


Miss Eagle said...

Denis, I well understand your closing the blog down. I have seriously considered, while I have been sick and away from blogging, not blogging until after the election was over. In spite of what some could think from reading my blog, I don't get into the personalities, the factions, the numbers and day to day politicking. I select issues as they relate to humanity, justice and ethics. However, I have found the going quite harrowing since Howard's Shock and Awe intervention on June 21. I knew that it was unlikely that I would be completely happy with Labor's IR policy. I was ever a realist and knew that it was never a matter of rolling things back as Beazley used to chant. I didn't expect that people would be told they would have to wait five years for relief. Why doesn't Rudd do what Beattie does? Pete hits the streets and claims to hear from everyone, returns, does a back flip, and says he has listened to the people. He gets away with it - so probably Kevin could too. I wish The Greens had better and more clearly defined policies. I will be working on a Green campaign in a seat other than my own held by a sitting Liberal. But I am not a Green. I am Labor - well I think I have to correct that these days. I am pro-Labour. Perhaps we ought to start a movement "Let's put U into Labor". Wotcha think?

Denis Wilson said...

Just listening to political commentators, they gave the "best line" of the week to Geoff Cousins with this gem:
"The shadow minister for the Environment does not cast a shadow".

Re your question, my own position is that I am now an "uncommitted" voter. My best analogy would be to describe myself as a "Lapsed Labor voter". You would recognise the historical background of that term.

Putting U into Labor does not resonate with me, very much. "Put some spirit into Labor", or "let the Labor Party stand up for its own history" would be better. Or "Where is the Light on the Hill?"

Anyway, I shall keep up blogging about Politics on this blog, but as I say, from an uncommitted point of view.

Yours - in disgust.


Anni said...

Well there is definitely something missing from the Australian Labor. A good thing about the U in case we want to start a new party and call it Labour. 'The New Labour', how does that sound?

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Anni

I agree there is "something missing". Trouble is Tony Blair invented "New Labour", but over the last 10 years he has discredited it, and has now resigned more-or-less in shame. (He might not agree.)

So, that's one reason I would not agree to that name change. But Kevin 07 might well think it is great, seeing as he is just about agreeing with everything nasty which the conservatives have come up with (selling Uranium, pulping old growth forests, to name just a few).

I'm thinking Greens or Climate Change Coalition are looking good as an alternative, but that just defers the real vote to the "preferences". Can I bring myself to vote of the Liberals? No.
Informal is a waste of a precious vote.

Maybe we should form the "HELP" party?


Denis Wilson said...

Check out Miss Eagle's graphic version of her message: