Monday, 13 August 2007

Fortress Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald has put together a series of reports which will chill you to the bone.

I have been saying for a while that Phillip Rudd*ock was looking to pull John How*ard's electoral Rabbit out of the A*P*E*C hat. He is bringing the Wa*r o*n Te*rror to Australia, just in time for the election. It is all coming together - right now.

And the N*S*W Pol*ice Fo*rce is complicit in this deal, too. They are spoiling for a fight.

These are not my reports - these are links to published stories in the SMH.

Military exercises start from tomorrow
Road closures
Bomb Dogs

And then, there is a composite SMH web page for you to peruse - called "Fortress Sydney".
Keep this link for future reference.

Take special note of this story - how normal services are being specially modified for "security" purposes. Buses have been converted to mobile prisons.

Be alert and BE VERY ALARMED.

Having seen Po*lice actions in Canberra in the past (with my own eyes), I know how the Mili*tary Mind-set can be transferred to the poorly disciplined Fed*eral Pol*ice. How much more easily will the far less disciplined N*S*W Po*lice Fo*rce be induced to crack a few heads of pro*te*sters?

I fear a blood-bath, followed by a media feeding frenzy, followed by a triumphant re-election. The classic right-wing agenda.

Don't forget that there will be a heavy presence of ar*med
US se*curity per*sonnel, (they always are ar*med - even in the Australian Parliament House, remember?) *** whispering into their cufflinks. If you think that those people are not prepared to "help out" Little Johnnie, you are deluding yourself. Is this Dem*ocracy?

*** Read this link:

The Age 21 0ctober 2003 - Louise Dodson's report from Parliament House, covering Geo*rge Dub*ya's previous visit.
"But armed U*S se*curity ag*ents have been in Parliament for some time. The advance team of U*S secu*rity experts has met senior Government and Parliament officials and has broadly dictated the sec*urity arrangements."

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