Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Rudd "strippergate" a complete distraction.

The Kevin Rudd "Strippergate" story is a complete distraction from the real story of this last week. The world economy is in melt-down, and yet all Australian journalist want to talk about is the temperature in Kevin's Jocks. (That post is the worst-taste item I have seen published, so I give you the link, just in case you wish to see how bad Australian journalism can get - The Journo concerned (Jack Marx) apparently got sacked for it - but he should have a future writing "books meant to be read with one-hand" (p*rnography).

Back to the real story - it is not just the American "Sub-Prime" lending market - did you know that the Australian Dollar lost 10 cents in the last week (against the US Dollar)?

Nope? Well, that's hardly a surprise. The ABC radio and television has been completely consumed by the Strippergate story. It is a disgrace (their lack of "perspective" I mean.) They have completely missed the real story of the week.

So, Alexander Downer, or whoever did leak the story, has done a huge favour to the Government of Shame. The real story has been buried, in favour of journalistic opinion based upon rumour, based in turn upon sordid memories of journalists and politicians.

Folly of Kevin '03 steals the show from Kevin07 - The Age - 84 related articles »
MPs laugh off strip club visits as Rudd pain continues

(Google search result "Bob Brown" + "Kevin Rudd"). Did you see that - 84 related articles! 84! That proves my theory, I believe.
Meanwhile, remember next time you hear John Howard say that the economy is in great shape - that it is simply a lie. Wrong in fact. Wrong in "understanding" of economic fundamentals. We are skating over very thin ice - in a time of global warming, that's not a good strategy.

Remember also this telling line by Dr Bob Brown: Going to a strip club is nothing compared to sending Australian troops to war, Greens Senator Bob Brown says.
(Reuters | Monday, 20 August 2007)

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