Saturday, 15 September 2007

North-west Passage opens

The "legendary" North-west Passage (in the top end of the Atlantic Ocean) has apparently opened up, thanks, presumably to global warming.
The Americans are non-believers in global warming, but that does not stop them from seeing this event as an "opportunity" for both a new arena for "strategic opportunities", and also for resource exploitation.You may read more about this, courtesy of the BBC Website.

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Miss Eagle said...

I have taken an interest in this. I wonder will the thaw mean that more bodies from the Franklin Expedition might be found. My forebear - an Australian - Graham Gore, grandson of John Gore who sailed on three voyages with Cook and steered Cook's ship back to England after his death in Hawaii, perished on the Franklin expedition. In fact, until recent years the only evidence of the fate of the expedition was a note in Gore's beautiful copperplate left under a cairn. Canadian academics have done quite a bit of work on the expedition and exploration of the North West Passage. You can read about the new discoveries and the possible fate of the expedition in the book Frozen in Time - Graham Gore also sailed on The Beagle (made famous by Charles Darwin) when it was in Australian waters. The Beagle could not afford a ship's artist but so talented was Graham Gore that he filled this role anyway. A painting of his done during the voyage of the Flinders River in northwest Queensland is in the National Library of Australia. BTW, my maternal grandfather's name was Rupert Franklin Gore Gallaway - but he preferred to be known as Jack. I am angry to note that the US and the European Union are trying to wrest control of the passage away from Canada. Perhaps, Australia should stake a claim on the strength of Graham Gore's role!